If in one sweep you can see the Ionian coast, the monumental Mount Etna, the gulf of Giardini-Naxos, the Capo di S. Alessio, the Straits of Messina and the coast of Calabria, you are in Castelmola, a small village above Taormina built around the ruins of a Norman castle.

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Cosmopolitan, exuberant, eclectic. Catania is a multicoloured universe, from the glittering whiteness of its Baroque stuccoes (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to the lava black of the Liotru, the elephant sculpted from basalt that greets us in Piazza Duomo in the heart of the city.

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Mount Etna

Every proper Grand Tour pays tribute to the tallest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world - with its 3,327 meters in height and an average basal diameter of 40 km - which dominates the entire island with its massive presence. Mount Etna, also known as Mongibello, is one of the most monitored volcanoes in the world.

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Alcantara gorges

Between Messina and Catania, you won't be able to resist the call of the "Gorges," famous worldwide. It's about 50 kilometers of riverbed with unique and unusual natural aspects. Geological and geothermal events have shaped the structure of the current basalt formations.

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Montalbano places

Who has never imagined, at least once, strolling side by side with Inspector Montalbano surrounded by Sicilian late Baroque? It may be challenging to engage in a case to solve with him, but we can walk in the locations of the fiction and let our imagination run wild.

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