Discover Fiumedinisi

 Land of myths and beauties

The village of Fiumedinisi, throughout the centuries a crossroads of various dominations, was founded in 1000 BC at the foot of Mount Belvedere by the Sicels. They were succeeded by the Greeks, who gave the area the name Nisa, in honor of Dionysus, the god of wine. The Normans transferred the settlement to its current location on the banks of the Nisi River, giving it the name "Flumen Dionisyi", from which the present-day Fiumedinisi derives its name.

The mining deposits, silk production and trade, abundance of water, and fertile land have contributed to the prosperity of the town throughout the centuries.

The monumental heritage of Fiumedinisi is certainly one of the richest in the Ionian area. Below, we propose some thematic itineraries to visit and explore the village during your stay.

The Pro Loco (Local Tourist Office) Association of Fiumedinisi offers guided tours to discover the artistic heritage, history, culture, traditions, and the territory of the village. For more information, you can visit the Pro Loco Association's Facebook page or call the ethno anthropological Museum at Via Ospedale Vecchio, at the following phone number +39 340 983 89 81.